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Solar Academy

Still want to know more about how solar systems operate? Watch our solar academy videos to learn more!

Lesson 1: How solar energy storage systems work

A solar system combined with batteries is known as a solar energy storage system. This is an in-depth discussion of how those work.

Lesson 2: How to read a utility bill

To read your utility bill you must first know how you are being billed for electricity. Understanding your bill will enable you to choose the best rate plan.

Lesson 3: How solar panels work

Solar panels are made of multiple solar cells. The cells are made of silicone, a semiconductor. Light causes current to flow by releasing of electrons.

Lesson 4: How inverters and charge controllers work

Inverters convert the DC power generated by solar panels into AC power. A charge controller is an additional circuit found in inverters for battery systems

Lesson 5: Solar inverter oversizing vs. undersizing

Undersizing a solar system inverter is a smart choice when building a solar system because that actually increases the daily amount of power produced.

Lesson 6: Take control of demand charges with a load controller

If your utility company bills you using demand charges, you can avoid expensive high peak electrical demand with a load controller.

Lesson 7: How to monitor your system like a pro

Want to save the most money when you go solar? Learn to monitor your system like a pro and pay your utility less for electricity.

Lesson 8: Solar SREC

Another way that solar saves you money other than your electric bill.